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St Barbara is focused on strong margin gold operations.

The Gwalia Underground mine at Leonora Operations is the Company's cornerstone asset, with 1.8 million ounces of gold in reserves at 30 June 2013. St Barbara acquired the Gwalia mine in 2005. The King of the Hills mine is also located at Leonora, and was in production from June 2011 to April 2015.  

The Simberi gold mine is in the New Ireland province in of Papua New Guinea, and started production in February 2008. St Barbara acquired the Simberi gold mine in 2012. In 2013 the plant was being expanded to 3.5 million tonnes per year capacity with installation of a SAG mill designed to lift gold output towards a run rate of 100,000 ounces per annum. There is significant further exploration potential around the mine and on nearby Tabar and Tatau Islands.

The Company is operating in proximity to nearby townships with established infrastructure, giving it a significant advantage over newer operations. In addition to treatment plants, infrastructure includes airstrips, power generation, accommodation, water and social infrastructure.

The Company encourages local employment, but also offers fly-in/fly-out arrangements.

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Summary FY 15

Gwalia (WA) 248,142
King of the Hills (WA) 49,677
Simberi (PNG) 79,568
Total 377,387

Production Graph

Production Graph