Our Vision and Values

Vision Statement

To be a successful, leading and growing gold company


Vision underpinned by foundations of:

• Safe production

• Capable and committed workforce

• Environmental sustainability

• Beneficial relationships with our communities

• Respect for the rights and aspirations of our people

• Ethical business dealings


Successful, leading and growing means…

• Superior shareholder returns

• Reliably delivering on promises

• Continuous improvement and innovation

• Long-life, high margin assets

• A tangible growth profile

• Risks and opportunities always being well managed


We want to be recognised for…

• Controlled reliable delivery

• Effective management

• Highly engaged and dynamic workforce

• Gold company of choice for Stakeholders

• Exceptional safety, health and environment performance

• Exciting portfolio of operations and growth opportunities

• High sustainable shareholder value

• Technical and operational excellence

Values Statement

• We act with honesty and integrity

• We treat people with respect

• We value working together

• We deliver to promise

• We strive to do better