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Our people are key to our growth, development and success. 

St Barbara is developing a winning culture by clearly setting the intention to succeed, delivering on that intention and celebrating success – all in a manner consistent with the St Barbara Values. Our workplace culture is underpinned by a foundation of safe production and environmental sustainability. Training and individual development opportunities are seen by employees as a key attribute of the St Barbara workplace.

We have a diverse workforce of approximately 1,500 people comprising of many different nationalities and professional backgrounds. Our operations are located at Leonora in Western Australia and Simberi in Papua New Guinea. St Barbara’s head office is in Melbourne and support teams are based in Perth and Brisbane.

From a standing-start in 2007, St Barbara now has in place a Human Resources Strategy that is hard-wired to the Company’s business strategy and approved by the Board. Diversity underpins the success of each of the six strategic HR priorities:

  1. establish a productive one-company culture;
  2. ensure the Company always has the talent needed to reliably deliver our business strategy;
  3. ensure we maintain productive direct relations with our people;
  4. build capable leadership at all levels in the Company;
  5. establish an integrated suite of effective people systems, and ensure these are used to good effect; and
  6. support the right work being done well by all employees.

To help bring these priorities to life and make them sustainable, we have implemented a comprehensive Talent Management Framework. This Framework comprises a range of initiatives and systems that remove the undue reliance on individual people.  Consistent with the six strategic priorities, and in respect of gender diversity, we now have in place:

  • a competitive and effective remuneration system;
  • industry leading parental leave provisions including attractive return to work incentives;
  • a gender diversity policy - in line with the ASX recommendations; and
  • robust gender diversity targets to monitor and measure success.

All of these initiatives are approved by our Board, led by our ELT, and reviewed regularly by the Board.

St Barbara won the ‘Outstanding Company Initiative Award’ at the fifth annual CME of Western Australia Women in Resources Awards in March 2014 and in September 2014 St Barbara won the ‘Excellence in Diversity Programs and Performance Award’ at the inaugural Women in Resources National Awards.

On 12 November 2014, St Barbara was one of 76 organisations (and one of only three mining companies) to receive the prestigious Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation for 2014.

The Women in Resources Awards and the Employer of Choice citation recognise St Barbara’s work in 'Eliminating the Pay Equity Gap'. The gap has reduced from 43% in 2007 to 11.4% in June 2014 (compared to 23.8% for mining and 18.2% nationally).  

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